If you enjoy reading legal sounding stuff, here’s some that we cut and pasted from more knowledgeable people. We don’t really know if we need the legal jargon but we have it now so that’s cool.

The main thing is thank you for visiting this site, buying our merch, and supporting our little brewery! We’re a really small team here but we’re able to ship most orders pretty dang quickly and any order placed over the weekend will be boxed on Monday and in the mail on Tuesday. We’re currently shipping everything with USPS to keep your cost down and for fast transit times. That’s the meat and potatoes (or veggies and potatoes if you’re not into the whole meat thing) of our web store but feel free to keep reading if you want. Much love. 

Shipping Details:

Cloudburst Brewing (“we” or “Cloudburst”) is first and foremost a tiny production brewery with an onsite tasting room, a second tasting room, and now this online store (the “Store”). All sales of products, apparel and merchandise (the “Products”), occur on these grounds whether they are initiated in person or via the Shop. The buyer (“You” or “you”) is visiting our digital menu and agree that your purchases of Products are made here in the City of Seattle and the state of Washington.

Below are additional terms and conditions that supplement our site Terms and Conditions. Please review. Any purchase of Products from our Shop shall be done in accordance with our Terms and Conditions and the supplemental conditions that follow.


All sales of Products are completed at our taproom. Here is our address:

Cloudburst Brewing
2116 Western Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121


Our current policy is to not provide refunds. This is done because inventory is managed closely and it is not fair to other purchasers to be denied an opportunity to purchase Products that are in limited quantity. Additionally, we are charged for all merchant fees at the time of purchase and cannot get these back. In the event of extenuating circumstances, our staff may elect to issue a refund to you for 90% of the purchase price, with the remaining fees collected as compensation for merchant fees and restocking. Please contact [email protected] with questions about orders.


Returned Packages: If your package of Products is returned to us, we may re-ship it to you for an additional shipping charge equal to the actual shipping cost. Any order that is refused or returned after three attempts to deliver will not be refunded. Shipping and packaging charges will not be refunded. In addition, the buyer will be responsible for any additional fees incurred to have the product returned to us.

Liability for Damage: We are not liable for damages to Products caused by weather conditions and/or other unforeseen clumsiness, accidents, or malfeasance. Every package is insured through the USPS so there’s that.

Pricing and Inventory: Price and availability are subject to change without notice. Once your payment is confirmed we will make every effort to ship your order within 5 business days. Some orders may take a little longer during peak seasons. If you place an order and an item is out of stock we will contact you and ask you if you would like a refund or if you would like to wait until we receive the product. We retain the right to refuse any order.